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Samsung DeX Not Working? Try These Fixes

Samsung DeX is an amazing feature that offers a desktop-like experience via a bigger display on a Samsung Galaxy phone. If you use it regularly, but it suddenly stops working, you may be wondering what happened. Thankfully, you can easily make it work again by following the fixes provided below. Let’s check different ways to bring the Samsung DeX functionality back on track.

1. Restart All Connected Devices

The first thing you must do if Samsung DeX isn’t working is restart all of the connected devices, including:

  • Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Wi-Fi modem, if you are connecting wirelessly
  • PC, if you are using DeX on a PC
  • TV, if you are connecting DeX on a TV

2. Check Compatibility

For DeX to work properly, you must check whether the devices are compatible. Samsung DeX doesn’t work on all Samsung phones. It’s available only on the Samsung S8 series and up, except for the Galaxy Flip series.

Furthermore, you must have a TV that supports Miracast technology to use DeX wirelessly. Similarly, Windows PCs with an ARM processor may not be compatible with DeX. Touchscreen displays and Samsung DeX for Mac are also not supported. Check the list of the DeX-compatible devices and displays on Samsung’s official webpage.

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3. Check Connected Hardware

Hardware plays a significant role in DeX working properly. You must ensure that everything is working smoothly. For instance, if you are using a DeX station, make sure your phone is seated properly. If necessary, remove the phone and replace it.

If DeX isn’t working on your TV or monitor, try connecting it to a different device. There are chances that the monitor may not be compatible with DeX.

4. Check USB Cable

For DeX connections via cable, ensure that the cable is securely plugged in. Remove and reconnect it. Also, try using the original cable that came with your phone and connect via a different port on your PC or monitor to get DeX working again.

Samsung phone with USB cable view.

5. Connect to the Same Wi-Fi Network

If you are trying to use DeX wirelessly, ensure that your phone and the device that you are trying to connect (TV or PC) are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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6. Switch to a Different Wi-Fi Band

Some displays are not compatible with the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, so it would help if you switched to the 2.5 GHz network on both devices in Wi-Fi settings.

7. Disable the Power-Saving Mode

When using DeX mode, you must turn off the power-saving mode on your phone.

  1. Go to “Settings -> Battery and device care -> Battery.”
  2. Turn off the toggle next to “Power saving.”
Disabling "Power saving" option in Samsung phone.
  1. Also, try to charge your phone before using DeX or keep it plugged in when connecting DeX.
  1. If you are using a USB to HDMI hub, make sure to connect it to a power supply; otherwise, you will only be able to screen mirror and will not have full use of the capabilities of DeX.

8. Turn Off VPN

DeX may not work properly if your phone or TV/PC is connected to a VPN. You must turn off your VPN, then try using DeX.

9. Change USB Mode on the Phone

Whenever you connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable, you will see a USB options notification in the notification panel. Tap on this notification, then try resetting the connection by switching to “Charging phone only,” then back to “Transfer files.” This should fix the issue of DeX not working.

Adjusting USB settings on Samsung Galaxy phone.

10. Install, Open, or Restart the DeX App on PC

Unlike a TV, where you can use DeX without installing anything, you need to first download the DeX software to your Windows PC.

Next, make sure that the DeX app is open on your Windows PC when you are trying to use it. There’s a chance that your PC has closed the DeX app. If you don’t see the DeX app icon on the taskbar, open it.

Viewing the DeX app icon in the Windows taskbar.

However, if the DeX app is already running, restart the app by closing it and reopening it.

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11. Run DeX App as Admin on Your PC

If DeX still doesn’t work on your PC, run the DeX app with administrator privileges. Right-click on the DeX app icon on your PC and select “Run as administrator.”

Running Samsung DeX app for Windows with administrator privileges.

12. Start DeX Mode on Your Phone

Typically, your Samsung phone will automatically switch to DeX mode when connected via a USB-C to HDMI adapter. If that doesn’t happen, enable DeX as shown below.

  1. Go to the DeX screen either from Quick Settings or from “Settings -> Connected Devices -> Samsung DeX.”
Accessing "Samsung DeX" section from phone's settings.
  1. Press the “Start DeX” button. Also, enable the toggle next to “Auto start when HDMI is connected.” This will automatically start DeX mode when you connect an HDMI cable.
Enabling "Auto start when HDMI is connected" toggle on Samsung phone.

Tip: on earlier versions of OneUI, you will need to go to “Settings -> Advanced feature -> Samsung DeX.” Enable the toggle next to “Off.”

13. Select Right Connection Mode

On OneUI 5 and above, both your PC and TV/monitor will show up in the list of available devices under the “Connect wirelessly” section.

On the earlier versions of OneUI, Samsung offers two separate modes for connecting DeX: “DeX on TV” (or monitor) and “DeX on PC.” You must select the proper mode when connecting DeX.

Go to “Settings -> Advanced features -> Samsung DeX.” Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select “Switch to PC” or “Switch to TV or monitor” based on the available option.

Switching connection mode for Samsung DeX from settings on Samsung phone.

14. Select Samsung DeX from Notification Panel

After connecting DeX, if your TV or monitor starts mirroring your phone instead of switching to DeX, you must tap on the Samsung DeX notification in the notification panel followed by Samsung DeX. That’s it. Samsung DeX mode will instantly launch on the connected device.

Pro Tip: on some phones, you may need to search for HDMI mode settings and switch to DeX from mirroring.

15. Update USB Drivers

If you are able to connect your phone to your PC wirelessly, but the USB mode doesn’t work, you must update the USB drivers on your Windows PC. The issue with Samsung DeX not working could be happening due to outdated drivers.

  1. Connect your phone and PC via the USB cable.
  2. Right-click on the Start Menu and select “Device Manager.”
Opening "Device Manager" from WinX menu.
  1. Look for any USB drivers that show an error or warning sign, then right-click on them and select “Update driver.”
Device Manager view with USB drivers displayed.

Pro Tip: you can also look for driver updates through “Settings -> Windows Update” or “Advanced options” on the Windows Update screen followed by “Optional updates -> Driver updates.” Install any USB driver that shows up there.

16. Clear Cache and Data of DeX App on Your Phone

As with everything, you must try the golden trick of clearing the cache and data of all the DeX-related apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone to fix DeX not working.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Go to “Apps.”
"Apps" section in settings on Samsung phone.
  1. Tap on the Sort and Filter icon and enable the toggle next to “Show system apps.” Press the “OK” button.
Using the "Sort and filter" function to view apps on Samsung phone.
  1. Type “DeX” in the search at the top, then select each item that shows, one by one.
Searching for DeX-related apps in settings on Samsung phone.
  1. Go to “Storage” and press “Clear cache,” followed by the “Clear data” button. Repeat this for other DeX-related apps that you find in step #4.
Clearing cache and data for Samsung DeX app on Samsung phone.
  1. Restart your phone.

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17. Update DeX PC App

If Samsung DeX fails to work on your PC, you must update the DeX PC app. You may be using an old version of the app, and it may have a bug or not be compatible with your phone. To update the Samsung DeX app on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the DeX app on your computer.
  2. Click on the Settings icon at the top.
Click Settings in Samsung DeX app for Windows.
  1. Scroll down and click on the “Update” button.
Clicking "Update" option in Samsung DeX app for Windows.

18. Reinstall DeX App on Your PC

If updating the DeX app didn’t help it work on your PC, then you must reinstall the app. Uninstall the DeX app from your computer, restart your computer, then install the app again.

19. Start Samsung Services on Your PC

If you are connecting DeX to your PC using a cable, ensure that Samsung Mobile connectivity services have been started. Typically, the services are set to start automatically, but this may have changed.

  1. In your Windows search, type “Services” and select the best match underneath.
Typing "Services" in Windows Search.
  1. Scroll down and look for “Samsung Mobile Connectivity Service” or “Samsung Mobile USB Connectivity Launcher.” Right-click on it and choose “Start.”
Right-clicking on "Samsung Mobile USB Connectivity Service."
  1. Reconnect the USB cable.
  2. Take a look at the “Startup type” next to the service. If it says anything other than “Automatically,” right-click on the service again and go to “Properties.”
Properties option from context menu visible for "Samsung Mobile Connectivity Service."
  1. Choose “Automatic” in the “Startup type.” Click on the “Apply” button to save the changes.
Changing startup type to "Automatic."

Tip: if you purchased a Samsung Galaxy Fold phone, be sure to take advantage of split screen mode.

20. Add Wireless Display Feature on Windows 11

If Samsung DeX isn’t working on Windows 11, you may need to manually add the Miracast (wireless display) feature on some PCs running Windows 11.

  1. Go to “Settings -> Apps -> Optional features.”
Navigating to "Optional features" under Apps in Windows Settings.
  1. Click on “View features.”
Clicking on "View features" button next to "Add an optional feature" in Windows Settings.
  1. Search for a “Wireless Display.” Select it and hit the “Next” button. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it.
Searching for "Wireless display" in Windows Settings.
  1. After installing it, restart your computer, then try using DeX on PC.

21. Download Samsung DeX Patch

If your Samsung Galaxy phone is issued and administrated by a business, and DeX mode doesn’t start, you will need to download the DeX patch. But first, check whether a patch is required.

  1. Disconnect your phone from the monitor.
  2. Open Settings on your Samsung phone and go to “About phone -> Software information.”
Accessing "Software information" menu from Samsung phone.
  1. Scroll down and look for “Knox Customization.” If it appears, you will need to download the DeX patch. Open the Knox website in a browser on your Samsung phone and follow the on-screen instructions to download the patch.

Do you have a company- or school-owned PC? If yes, and the above solutions didn’t help, you must contact the admin of your PC, as some public computers have security software installed that prevents DeX from running properly.

23. Reset Settings on Your Samsung Phone

Lastly, if Dex isn’t working, you must reset the settings on your Samsung phone. Doing so will restore all the settings to their original values, fixing the issues you may be facing while using DeX. Don’t worry, as this will not delete any data or files from your phone.

To reset the settings on a Samsung Galaxy phone, go to “Settings -> General Management -> Reset -> Reset all settings.”

Finding the "Reset all settings' option on Samsung phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fix DeX not working on my Mac?

As mentioned earlier, Samsung DeX is no longer supported on Mac. But if you have the older version installed, and it’s not working, you need to allow certain permissions.

On your Mac, go to “System Preferences -> Security and privacy -> General tab.” If you see a message that reads “System software from developer DEVGURU Co. was blocked from loading,” click “Allow” under the “Allow apps downloaded from” section.

Also, go to “System Preferences -> Security and privacy -> Privacy tab -> Accessibility.” If Samsung DeX doesn’t show up, click on the “+” sign and select “Samsung DeX.”

How can I reset Samsung DeX?

There is no option to reset Samsung DeX. On a PC, reinstall the app, and on a phone, clear the data of the DeX apps.

All screenshots and images by Mehvish Mushtaq.

Mehvish Mushtaq
Mehvish Mushtaq

Mehvish is a tech lover from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, she’s always been happy to help anyone who finds technology challenging. She’s been writing about technology for over six years, and her favorite topics include how-to guides, explainers, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media, and web apps.

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